The story began in 1998 on the streets of Paris. At the start were the Haffner brothers, Alexandre and Stephane, who are from a dual culture: French and Italian. The two artists with multiple talents and a nature that complements each other formed the creative basis for Les Faradais, a new circus. The original duo has today become a business with more that 50 artists coming from all over the world to perform custom productions at venues throughout Europe and on cruise ships internationally. The various shows feature more than 1000 handmade costumes and elaborate sets created in their workshops in Barcelona and Nice

In 2016, Stephane and his husband Kyle Kier conceived and developed a production with an LGBT focus, AirOTic, and debuted it on an Atlantis Events gay cruise. Over the past two years, it has become the most popular act for Atlantis. Recently, Haffner partnered with Logo Founder Matt Farber to bring this incredible production to audiences in the United States that enjoy a gay sensibility, and is thrilled to have the first staging as part of Outlandish Fort Lauderdale

Unlike other large acrobatic circuses, AirOtic only features a limited amount of performers who are not hidden behind masks allowing the audience to develop a connection with each performer.